hericare supports the international exchange of information between experts and facilitates the documentation of preservation projects.

hericare offers you easy access to new insights and practical information from all lines of specialization in conservation-restoration.

  hericare originally consisted of a documentation software and an online-database. Since June 2010 it only consists of the online-database with access for free.

In the free online database hericare you can view documentation of conservation measures and exchange expert information with other authors. It offers also the possibility to publish your own papers.

The documentation program hericare-docu is not longer available because an error-free operation due to numerous technical changes after more than 10 years since its introduction cannot be guaranteed.

  The concept for hericare was developed by the Hornemann Institute. Experts from the field of monument preservation, database development, software ergonomics, and library science supported the institute during the development phase.

  The realization of hericare was carried out with financial support from the .